It’s time to train and fuel smarter. Let's smash those racing goals!

You're an endurance athlete. You're passionate about training and racing and you're looking for science based nutrition and training information that will help maximize your potential and surpass your goals.

The Fueled Endurance Academy was created to provide runners, triathletes and other endurance athletes a hub of free information, DIY Courses, an online membership and coaching services. Everything you need, all in one location.

The Fueled Endurance Academy

The Learning Hub of 'Fueled Coaching and Nutrition'

The Fueled Endurance Academy was created by Coach Cristina Caldwell to provide resources and programs to endurance athletes that want have a "go to" for science based information.

This page is broken into categories to help you accelerate your nutrition and training by easily finding what you need. Here are the categories you'll find:

  • Free training guides and resources 
  • Free endurance calorie and macronutrient calculator 
  • Team Fueled Racing Membership 
  • Nutrition and Training Courses-DIY 
  • Running and Triathlon Training Plans 
  • Custom Meal Planning 
  • Additional Resources to help you succeed

To find these resources, keep scrolling down.
Happy Training!

If you're an endurance athlete that wants to get Stronger, Fitter, Faster and Be Less Injury Prone, our programs will make it easy to succeed.

Grab Your Free Nutrition and Training Guides and Resources

These resources will give exactly what you need to energize your training and make sure you're on track to hit your season and racing goals. 

30 Snacks and Meals To Fuel Your Training and Recovery

Nutrition options for pre and post training. So you can feel your best and perform at your best. Includes both snacks and meals for plant based and omnivore athletes. 

50+ Best Protein Sources for Endurance Athletes

The exact list needed to refuel and rebuild your muscles. This list includes top choices for both plant based and omnivore athletes. 

3 Day Meal Plan and Mindset Reset for Endurance Athletes

A 3 Day meal plan that resets your body, your energy and your mind, so that you can fuel your training goals and feel confident in your nutrition

FREE Endurance Calorie and Macronutrient Calculator

*This calculator was specifically designed for endurance athletes. Click the picture below.

Team Fueled Racing Membership

A nutrition and training membership for endurance athletes that want to train, fuel and recover smarter. Science based, without the guesswork.

You’re here to train and fuel smarter so you can smash your goals. The only problem is you’re not sure how to go about it... If you are like most endurance athletes I talk to, chances are you are:

-Training without a science based plan
-Not sure what to do, so you just fit in workouts where you can
-Fatigued from under-fueling
-Getting GI distress while training or racing
-Seemingly always getting injured

And if you’re being really honest you have no idea how to plan next season!

I totally get it, I see so many athletes focusing on training but they are missing the key elements of nutrition and recovery.   The truth is until you focus on a complete training, fueling and recovery plan you’re not going to hit your goals.

That's why I created Team Fueled Racing. Team Fueled Racing is an online membership for endurance athletes that are looking for a community of like minded athletes that provides training plans, nutrition plans, bi-weekly webinars, a strength training library and team camaraderie. Join as a nutrition athlete, or an athlete that wants a training plan + nutrition.

Nutrition and Training Courses 

Take your training to the next level. Hit your training, nutrition and body composition goals. These DIY courses provide the exact blueprint to reach your goals. 

The Endurance Plate

The Endurance Plate is the proven system for knowing what to eat, how much to eat and how to adjust your nutrition based on your training.

This program provides a complete recipe book (38 recipes), race fueling guide and the ultimate grocery list for endurance athletes. 

Endurance Body Blast

You're an endurance athlete. You'd think that losing body fat would be easy. But it can be tough when you're training hard.   Are you ready to learn how to lose body fat, while still getting to swim, bike and run like you'd like to? This 4 week program provides the exact blueprint to lose body fat while revving your metabolism.

Endurance Body Blast-Plant Based

You're a plant base endurance athlete. You'd think that losing body fat would be easy. But it can be tough when you're training hard.   Are you ready to learn how to lose body fat, while still getting to swim, bike and run like you'd like to? This 4 week program provides the exact blueprint to lose body fat while revving your metabolism.

Running and Triathlon Training Plans

Currently we have over 30 running and triathlon training plans for athletes to choose from. Our plans are  tailored for novice through advanced athletes, while focusing on a periodized training that will push you towards success, at every level.

We specialize in helping busy, time crunched athletes train and succeed through cutting edge science based training. We also have many plans that focus on master's athletes, that need to be trained slightly different than their younger counterparts (don't worry, this doesn't mean easier). Plans are delivered through Training Peaks.

*All of these plans are available through our membership, Team Fueled Racing as well. So if you're looking for a team atmosphere, and the ability to access all of these training plans, plus have access to having your questions answered, check that out.

Examples of plans include:

  • 5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon
  • Ultra Running: 50k and 50 miler
  • Sprint, Olympic, Half Ironman and Ironman
  • Water Running While Injured
  • Swim Only Plans-Sprint, Oly-Half Ironman and Ironman Training

Custom Meal Planning

You're tired of trying to figure out what you should be eating, or what will be for dinner. You're good at following training plans, why not have a nutrition plan as well?

With our custom nutrition plans, you're able to tell us exactly what foods you enjoy, what foods you do not want to eat, how much time you want to spend in the kitchen, if you love or hate leftovers, etc. We'll calculate your current calorie and macronutrient needs and create a plan fit for you.

We have hundreds of recipes to choose from. If you want a custom, done for you, plan, please reach out to us. We offer 1 week plans and full one month plans.

 "Working with you is simple, smooth, and easy - from getting in touch with you for the initial intake consultation to online scheduling to the meal plan format itself.  The pictures bring a great visual, the recipes are relatively beginner friendly for preparation, and the grocery/shopping list is my favorite. I thought that the best part of getting a meal plan was to lose some weight, but it turns out that the reduction of decision fatigue is huge! To be able to pull up a list and not have to think about what I am purchasing at the grocery store or what I have to decide to make and eat each day, is a big positive in my life right now. Thank you!"
Lisa, Runner

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