Are you ready to reach your goals faster?

If you have big goals, and know nutrition is standing in your way, let’s break that barrier and get you on the right path.

Working with me 1:1 provides you with the exact steps you need to get fitter, and faster while focusing on what you need to.

So you can skip the big learning curve that sports nutrition can bring. 

Here are some things that athletes have come to me with:

  • They feel like they can’t get through their hard workouts, and just getting more rest isn’t helping
  •  Recovering for workouts is getting harder and harder, and they need a plan on what to eat. 
  • They’ve attempted an Ironman, but their results did not show the amount of effort and training paces they logged. Nutrition was a factor they didn’t dial in. 
  • Every long run they start they know by mile 4 their gut will start “speaking” to them, and it’s a rush to find the bathroom. 
  • They’ve hit peri-menopause and their body composition has started to go in the wrong direction. It seems just overnight their stomach developed a layer of body fat. 

Whether it’s daily fueling, training & race day fueling or body composition, we can create a plan and together get you to that goal.

 "When I first started working with Cristina I had several goals. To lose weight and get back to training for endurance triathlons. We started with weight loss and over 8 months lost 80lbs . Then we moved to a training plan and in September I accomplished a lifelong goal of finishing an Ironman. I am extremely grateful for Coach Cristina's help and support in ensuring my goals and dreams were achieved."

Ironman Triathlete

Just like our DIY programs, we focus on 3 main areas:

  •  Optimal daily fueling
  • Training and race day nutrition
  • Achieving a healthy body composition in a safe manner.

The difference? 

I’m right there guiding you and working with your exact needs. This allows you the ability to have me provide a custom solution to your needs.  

What are the 1:1 Options to work with me?


If you're looking to have your exact questions answered and aren't sure you're ready for one of our more structured plans, a 30-60min consultation is a great place to start. 

The Fully Fueled Athlete

This program is our foundation for fueling your best and dialing in what changes we can make to best help your performance. Whether that's from a speed or body composition standpoint. This includes a nutrition analysis and a 7 day custom plan. 

Race Day Fueling

Our race day fueling program provides you with an exact plan for your marathon or Ironman (or other ultra race). Ideally we start 8-12 weeks pre-race so that way we have plenty of time to work your plan. 


I'm always open to working with athletes on something that they'd like to focus on. So just let me know what's on your mind.

Examples of how athletes have utilized this is purchasing a 4 pack of consultations or working together for an extended time.

1:1 Testimonials

"Wow!! That was a great experience. Hardest thing I have ever done. Super happy that I am an IM finisher. Thank you for all your help. There is no way I could have done this without you. You're the best."


"Just wanted to send a quick note on how my nutrition went for Oregon 70.3. It went extremely well and I was able to PR by over 20min for a 5:00 HIM.  Thanks so much for everything."


"I’ve only been working with Tina for a short period of time, but she has already helped me immensely with my nutrition. She really works hard to understand you and educate you along the way. I can’t thank her enough for the knowledge and tools she has equipped me with and for her genuine care and support."