30 Snacks and
Meals To Fuel
Your Training and

Nutrition for endurance runners and triathletes. So you can feel your best and perform at your best

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Power Up Your Training and Recovery With These Snacks and Recipes:


These 30 snacks and meals are designed for endurance triathletes and runners. They will provided needed carbohydrates to fuel your training, and carbohydrates and protein for post workout recovery. Some recipes are grab and go, while others are recipes that you create. All are delicious and athlete tested and approved. Many recipes are also gluten free and could be dairy free if needed. 

Not only do you get the 30 recipes, you'll receive a guide to determining how many macronutrients you should be taking in. No more guesswork. 

Learn to Fuel Your Body Confidently, With Easy and Delicious Recipes

Hi there! In case we haven't met, I'm Cristina. An exercise physiologist, sports nutritionist, endurance athlete, wife  and mom to two little boys.

I'm the founder of Fueled Coaching and Nutrition. My passion is helping athletes achieve their goals through science based nutrition and training. I specialize in working with athletes that want to balance their training, with the everyday challenges of life.

Nutrition is very near to my heart as for years I struggled with an eating disorder and disordered eating. 

As a high level youth and collegiate athlete, I thought the best way to achieve my athletic goals was to be as thin as I could be. It took many years to break my unhealthy patterns, and when I did, I decided to learn as much as I could about nutrition. So that way, I could prevent other athletes from a similar experience as mine. Instead of myths and fear, I use science as my guide. 

My past led me to an undergraduate and graduate degree in exercise physiology and nutrition, post graduate diploma from the International Olympic Committee and from the International Society of Sports Nutrition. I am also a triathlon and running coach, with certifications from Stacy Sims Women are Not Small Men and Menopause courses.

I'm excited to help you reach your goals. Whether that's smashing a PR, losing body fat (in a healthy manner) or just feeling better. I'm excited to help you on your journey!

Cristina is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nutrition and fueling. I learned SO much from her. She gave me great tips, explained and broke down what each meal/snack should look like, helped me figure out what my nutrition needs are for before/during/after workouts and triathlons. Thank you!
Kendra K
I cannot express enough how my life has changed since working with Cristina! I feel great, eating a lot more food, getting between 9 and 13 servings of fruits and veggies in a day, and getting fitter. No allergies this year, no flu and no lack of energy.
Wendy M

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