Endurance runners, triathletes and cyclists looking to lose body fat without having to follow a fad diet?

Plant Based Fat Loss Just Got Easier!

Endurance Body Blast: Plant Based is the proven, 4 week nutrition and training program that will kickstart fat loss, while not having to suffer through fatigue, deprivation and frustration. Science without the fad diets.

Endurance Body Blast-Plant Based

4 Weeks to Rev Your Metabolism and Lose Body Fat

You're an endurance athlete. You'd think that losing body fat would be easy. But it can be tough when you're training hard.

 Are you ready to learn how to lose body fat, while still getting to swim, bike and run like you'd like to?  


Endurance Body Blast-Plant Based

A 4-week jumpstart to losing body fat by revving your metabolism.

Lose body fat, have energy to fuel your training and get ready for race season!

28 Days of Targeted Nutrition and Training So  You Can Finally Lose Body Fat

 Yes, I'd Like To Finally Have Sustainable Fat Loss

 Our 28 Day Program Will Provide the Exact Blueprint for Healthy, Sustainable Fat Loss, While Still Allowing You To Train.

 Does This Sound Familiar To You?

  • You struggle to lose body fat, even though you're doing everything the "experts" say to do
  • You're about ready to throw your scale away if you have one more week of maintaining your weight, even when you're actively trying to lose
  • You want to keep endurance training, but you find that when you do, your weight either stays the same, or goes up!
  • You're struggling to make nutritious meal choices. Or if you think you are, you're not sure if they are the best choices for your training.
  • You feel like your training and racing would improve if you could dial in your nutrition (it can!).

What if you could finally see the scale moving in the right direction, once and for all?

  • Yes, you can lose body fat while still endurance training.
  • Yes, it doesn't have to be hard or confusing. 
  • The right targeted training will make it possible for your body to lean out and make you stronger.  Healthy nutrition can and will make you a faster athlete. 
  • Not only will your training sessions be stronger, you'll recover faster

Finally Break Free From the Frustration of Trying to Lose Body Fat While Trying to Train As Well.

Endurance Body Blast Helped Me Get Back On Track

Before following the program, I was in a rut with the same old foods. Coach Cristina's recipes are easy to follow and flavorful. My days became filled with mindfulness towards cooking for my family and fueling my training. Following the training plan was  what I needed to feel motivated. I achieved my goals of changing my body composition towards being leaner, stronger and healthier. 
-Ashley Stephenson

Hi, I'm Coach Cristina

I'm the founder of Fueled Coaching and Nutrition. I'm an exercise physiologist and a sports nutritionist that is passionate about helping athletes achieve their goals through science based nutrition and training. I want you to feel your healthiest, train and race injury free, and perform at your best through the right training and sports nutrition. I believe that diets are not healthy, and we need to shift our mindset away from dieting and towards healthy body composition and better training/racing.

I hold both an undergraduate and master's degree in exercise physiology and sports nutrition. I also carry a post graduate diploma from the International Olympic Committee in sports nutrition, and I'm a certified triathlon and running coach. To provide women the best guidance possible, I am also a graduate of Stacy Sim's Women  Are Not Small Men Course.

As you can tell, I love to learn and stay up on the latest nutrition and training information to help you achieve your goals. Body recomposition aka losing body fat can be quite a controversial topic. I take the science and what's spread through the media and break things down into simple to understand, and make things easy to implement. That way you have a step by step road map to achieve your body composition goals, in a safe and effective manner.  

Road Map For Metabolic Success

What Do You Receive With This Program?

Complete Nutrition Program

  • 4 week meal plan with delicious, filling and easy to make meals. You'll have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
  • A detailed recipe guide filled with over 50 recipes prepared with nourishing whole foods. No hard to make recipes with ingredients you can't pronounce. 
  • A Success Manual that will be your nutrition success road map during this transformation.
  • A step by step guide to calculating your individual caloric and macronutrient needs. 

A Comprehensive Training Program for Triathletes, Cyclists, Runners and Walkers

  • 4 Separate training programs written for triathletes, runners, cyclists and walkers. You don't have to choose one, you get all 4 of the training plans.
  • Training programs that allow you to keep your focus on your favorite endurance training sessions, plus add in our body fat blasting sessions.
  • Specific  HIIT cardio training sessions to get the heart pumping and keep the calories burning long after the session ends.
  • Strength training programs to build muscle and burn fat.
  • A strength and cardio exercise library that will show you exactly how to perform each exercise, including modifications. 
  • Exercise routines to follow along with the program

An Athlete Community for Support

  • Private access to our Facebook group so that you can have a team around you lifting you up.
  • Have a question? Coach Cristina is live in the Facebook group each week answering your questions.
  • Throughout the program you'll receive weekly progress emails and videos to help you find absolute success in the program.
  • All future updates and continued access to the program.
Weekly Webinars

  • Each week you'll have targeted webinars to help you understand more about your physiology, how to use nutrition to fuel + lose body fat and the best training methods for fat loss.
  • Nearly 2 hours of webinar content.
  • Topics include calculating your ideal macronutrients and calories, women's specific training with hormones, peri through post menopause nutrition, training with your cycle, setting goals and sticking to them, combating stress, sleeping better using good nutrition and more.

This offer is for you if:

  • You've an endurance athlete that has been struggling to find a healthy way to achieve your goal body composition
  • You've tried the popular diets and maybe had initial results, but they haven't stuck.
  • You're ready to stop feeling like you're on a diet and that you're a failure when you can't maintain it.
  • You're ready to stop feeling like you're depriving yourself, or that some food is off limits. It's time to say my nutrition is a way of life and I enjoy food.

So Tell Me...Are you ready to lose body fat and achieve your goal body composition, so that you can have an amazing race season?

1. 4 week meal plan so you can finally lose the body fat (value $97)
2. 3x 4 week training plan(s) that will drive your metabolism up. Running/walking, cycling and triathlon (value $150)
3. Strength workout library to build strength and power (value $27)
4. HIIT workouts to torch calories (value $27)
5. Success Manual to reference so you'll feel confident on how to stay the course (value $19)
6. Facebook support from fellow endurance athletes who will support and encourage you (value $100)  
7. Bonus meal guides-Sweet Treats, Pre-Training/Racing Nutrition and Recovery Smoothies (value $51)
Total Value: $471
Your Cost: $67


Is this just another diet program?
Definitely not. This is not a diet at all. This is a way of eating that is sustainable for life. Nutrition is meant to be enjoyed and isn't meant to feel like a burden, or that you're depriving yourself or sacrificing. This program teaches you to naturally balance your body, your nutrition and your training.

How is this program delivered?
Everything within the program is delivered digitally. As soon as you buy the program you'll be given log in instructions.

Is this just for female athletes?
No, this program will benefit both male and female endurance athletes.

Does my access to the program end after 28 days?
Certainly not. You will have continued access for the life of the program. As it gets updated, you will also receive those updates.

How many hours a week does it take to prepare the meals? Are the recipes hard to make?
Most athletes find that it doesn't take much time to prepare the meals and prep for the week. The recipes are not hard to make and can easily fit into your weekly schedule.

What about my current training, can you work with it?
Yes. One of the benefits of this program is it's taught by an endurance coach that works with athletes who want to keep training. We do recommend following the program closely , which might mean you're switching up your training just a bit. However if you want to keep your current training load, coach Cristina will guide you on that (in one of the webinars and Facebook group).

What equipment is needed
There are 4 different training options to choose from. Each of the training plans require a set or two of free weights or a kettle bell. In addition, the running/walking plan needs to have a place to run/walk. A treadmill is fine too. The cycling program will require a bike and/or a trainer, while the triathlon program requires a place to run, a bike or trainer and swim tubing, or a pool/open water swim area.

Are the weekly webinars live?
No. These are pre-recorded so you can watch at your own convenience. We have a suggested schedule to make sure you are not feeling overwhelmed with all the information provided. You may however watch them as you'd like.

What if I am in peri or going through menopause?
This program can work for you. However we have a separate 4 week nutrition and training program designed specifically for athletes in peri-post menopause. To find that program, click here.

What if I have a question?
Every week in our Facebook group, Cristina is answering questions. There are set days and times for official coaching chats within the group, however the group is very knowledgeable and can support you as well.

What is your refund policy?
We have a 7 day refund policy. 

What Our Athletes Say

Cristina has completely changed the way I view "diet" and eating. She didn't just help me lose weight, she taught me how to have a healthy lifelong relationship with food.

Shannon Adair Wood

Cristina's knowledge and science background along with her thorough explanations and willingness to answer all questions makes for a very positive experience.   From the recipes she shares, to the FB group and of course, the exercise plan and videos, she covers all bases.   No stone is left unturned!   When the how and why are explained it makes it so much easier to understand and to want to follow through whether it is a nutritional plan or an exercise/training plan.  I highly recommend this program.

Kate Galinus
If you want to start fueling your body for life's challenges, feel better  and have more energy, this is it.  Cristina's program gives you a no gimmick approach on how even small changes in the way you are eating can make big changes to how you are feeling.  Added bonus....healthy, long-term, sustainable changes to your body composition and well being.
Terri Bierasinski

Join the Program and Get Ready to Blast Away Fat!

 28 Days to  Rev Up Your Metabolism So You Can Finally Lose Body Fat

This is a nutrition, strength and accountability program. Nutrition and strength advice is not designed to diagnose, treat or prescribe. By utilizing the nutritional guidance and exercise strategies contained herein, you recognize that despite all precautions on the part of Cristina Caldwell or of Fueled Coaching and Nutrition, there are risks of injury or illness which can occur with any program and you assume such risks and waive, relinquish and release any claim which you may have against Cristina Caldwell or of Fueled Coaching and Nutrition as a result of any future physical injury or illness incurred in connection with, or as a result of, the use or misuse of this nutritional guide and exercise program.