The Endurance Race Fueling Blueprint

Cross that Ironman™ or marathon finish line feeling strong and powerful.

A complete, customized sports nutrition program for long distance triathletes and runners. 

 So powerful it's like having a sports nutritionist in your back pocket.

*No Hitting the Wall

*No GI Distress

*Feel Amazing and PR

 "Over 26% DNF rate at Ironman Coeur d'Alene and I felt so dialed in. I was one of the lucky ones with my nutrition plan. My nutrition was a game changer.

Ryan Robinson
Ironman™ Triathlete

Your Journey to Ironman™ or  a Marathon 

You've spent months training for your marathon and possibly a year+ training for your Ironman™.

You've spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on training, equipment, technology and race fees.

You've sacrificed time with your family and friends, getting up at O'dark 30 to get in your swim, bike or run.  

The Reality

On average, over 40% of athletes will hit the wall in a marathon, and 5-10% (up to 25%) will DNF in an Ironman.  

Your heart and soul, time and sacrifice have gone into that finish line and there is one thing that stops too many athletes... race day nutrition.

Don't let that happen to you!

For the first time ever,there is a complete program that will ensure you cross that finish line feeling strong. From your daily nutrition, to training nutrition to your race day.

All that hard work, it will pay off with the right nutrition!


Want a Sneak Peak Into the Program?

Go ahead and take a sneak peak into this program. You'll see everything that's offered that will take your training and racing to the next level. Fully fueled and ready for that PR!

Ironman™ and Marathon Nutrition, Let's Get it Right!

You need a science based, easy to follow nutrition formula that creates a clear path to a successful race day.

The Endurance Race Fueling Blueprint uses the Fueling Decision Matrix to provide the exact nutrition that will allow you to feel confident in your training and race day nutrition.

You'll have more energy, no GI distress and PR your next goal race feeling strong!

Endurance training prepares your body to race, but without a customized fuel plan, you will not race to your full potential.  

Have You Ever Thought Like This?

  • I’m not good enough to need a fuel plan, those are for faster or professional athletes 
  • Customized sports nutrition is a luxury and it's not in the budget
  • I’m too overwhelmed to figure out what to do. I'll just pick something and go with it. 
  • I'm tired all the time. I just can't seem to get through my training sessions or I hit the wall on every race day. 
  • I’ve tried taking in different nutrition products and the same thing happens every time, I get GI distress. Nothing works for me. 
  • There are so many competing sports nutrition products that all claim to work, how will I determine which is the best one? 
  • Or possibly, you have been working with a nutrition plan, but you're still terrified you're going to DNF your race.

It's normal to have believed or felt these thoughts as so many athletes have. You are not alone. 

Let's get ready to make a change!

 >A customized fuel plan doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing.

> This program is designed for all endurance athletes that are racing long distance triathlons and marathons.

>This is a fueling program is for all budgets.

Every athlete out there racing needs to have their own fuel plan, fit to their specific needs. This will ensure a strong race and a finish you can brag about.  

Time to fill your water bottle, grab your fuel, lace up your sneakers and get ready go!

The Endurance Race Fueling Blueprint will make your fueling easy to follow and implement, so you:
 -have more energy during your training and racing because you know how to fuel your workouts
-can avoid GI distress because you've realized exactly what foods to take in and how to prevent it
-can recover stronger so your next workout will be as strong
-feel confident that the time, effort and money that you are putting into your race day will not be in vain

Bring on that race day success story!

From using my Fueling Decision Matrix, to calculating your specific fluid and carbohydrate needs, carbo loading, pre-race dinners and breakfasts, personalized calculators, race simulation cheat sheets and more. 

Energized and Confident...Smash Your Goals!

"My marathon race day came with near record high temperatures and humidity and despite messages from race officials that it would not be a day to focus on a PR, I was able to PR by over 7 minutes!  There is no doubt that my nutrition plan was a big part of that!”   

Jeff Brown
Marathon Runner

Here's How the Endurance Race Fueling Blueprint will Help You Cross the Finish Line, Arms Raised High:

  • You'll create your own customized fuel and hydration plan using our science based calculators that will provide you with your exact needs, ensuring you finish your race feeling strong.
  • You'll learn how to craft a plan that enables you to beat GI distress. From learning how to train in the heat and cold, to using our specialized Fueling Decision Matrix. You'll know exactly what products to use.
  • You'll cut through the online and marketing hype and choose easy to follow science based nutrition recommendations. No more wondering who to believe. 
  • By the end of this fueling program, you'll have beat the confusion, saved time, energy and struggle. No matter how you've fueled in the past, you will have the confidence to race strong.

Don't take our word for it, here are some of the athletes who've successfully fueled their training and races:

Diane Timms
Ironman™ Triathlete

 "I just finished my long run, and for the first time in a long time, I actually enjoyed it! The nutrition plan is working. Thanks so much. "

Alan Embry
70.3 Triathlete

 "Having a nutrition plan has allowed me to confidently train and race without the worries of bonking or cramping. The nutrition plan has provided the foundation for my swimming, biking, and running.

Doug Werhane
Ironman™ Triathlete

 "Thank you so much. I couldn't have done IM Tulsa without you. Specifically, the nutrition plan for race day and the overall confidence you gave me going into the event."

The Endurance Fueling Race Blueprint

The 5-step personalized race fueling blueprint for crossing that finish line and smashing your Ironman™ and marathon goals.

* Fuel confidently and race strong, even if nothing has worked in the past.
*Break through the 20 mile wall in your next marathon so that you can finish strong.
*Eliminate GI distress. No more sloshy gut, cramps and vomiting.
*Have confidence that you'll PR this year because you understand your nutrition and know it was designed just for you.

Everything you need to fuel confidently, have more energy and prevent GI distress.

So you can feel powerful, smash those race PRs and guarantee a smiling race finish photo.

Here's what's included in the Endurance Race Fueling Blueprint:

4 Video Modules

Over 2 hours of Video including: Sports Fueling 101, Race Day Hydration and Electrolytes, Training in the Heat and Cold and Science Based Endurance Supplements

Value: $97

4 Fueling Calculators

Everyday calories and macronutrients, race fueling macros/calories, a hydration calculator and determine when you'll hit the wall in your marathon

Value: $57

34 Page Master Fueling Guide

The complete guide to race day fueling. Everything you need can be found in this big book of fueling.

Value: $57

Fueling Decision Matrix

The 5-step process for determining exactly what to fuel with and how much you need.

Value: $37

Quick Start Fueling Guide

This program not only teaches you how to fuel on race day, but how to fuel your every day training needs. Even when you're not doing a race day simulation or it's race day.

Value: $27

Complete Race Day Sports Nutrition List

A comprehensive list of all the major sports nutrition products, their nutrition information and when you'd use them. All found in one easy location. This master list includes drinks, gels, chews, waffles, bars, electrolytes, recovery drinks and whole food.

Value; $27

Female Specific Race Nutrition

Learn about the differences female endurance athletes have that will accelerate their performance. From those of menstrual age, to those going through menopause.

Value: $27

Carbohydrate Loading Plan with 2 Meal Plans

This carbohydrate loading program provides you with two easy to follow meal plans that provide you with the right foods that will increase energy, while decreasing risk for GI distress

Value: $47

32 Pre-Race Dinner and Breakfasts

These dinners and breakfasts are broken down in categories such as gluten free, vegan, easy on the stomach, easy to travel with, etc. Each recipe comes with pictures and complete nutrition facts.

Value: $57

Pre-Race Race Simulation Prep Work

This fillable prep work sheet will provide you with the details that you need to craft your ideal fuel plan.

Value: $17

Master Fuel Plan for Both Ironman™ and Marathon

There are 2 master fuel plan fillable documents for each race distance. Fill out this plan as an easy to follow guide for your dinner, breakfast and race day fueling. This ensures you're ready to rock on race day. There is also a sample fuel plan to view.

Value: $57

Post Race Simulation Assessment

Througout the program you'll be asked to perform 3 race simulations over 12 weeks. You'll fill out these assessments after your race simulations to determine what needs to be looked at and changed next.

Value: $27

And Bonus's As Well!

  1. Discounted first month in the Team Fueled Racing Membership (50% off).  There is nothing that compares to having a team surrounding you, motivating and inspiring you, plus a place to ask your questions. Value: Priceless, though normal nutrition memberships are currently $57.
  2. The Endurance Athlete's Complete Grocery Shopping Guide.  This complete grocery list will guide you through the most nutritious food choices to make at the grocery store, you you're always fueled. Value: $9
  3. 12 Nutritious Breakfasts to Fuel your Day.  Examples include breakfast burritos, blueberry overnight oats and sweet potato smoothie bowl. 5 of the recipes are plant based. Value: $17
  4. 14 Energizing Snacks to Keep Your Energy Up. Examples include: Berry beet smoothie bowl, chocolate chia pudding,  and peanut butter date balls. 10 of the recipes are plant based. Value: $17
  5. 16 Power Packed Lunches and Dinners. Examples include: Red Thai curry beef, white bean quinoa bowl and spicy jerk shrimp with pineapple.  6 of the recipes are plant based. Value: $17
  6. 15 Protein Packed Recovery Smoothies. Examples include: chocolate almond smoothie bowl, high protein berry smoothie and peanut butter banana oat smoothie. All of the recipes can be made plant based. Value: $17

Total Value of This Program:

But Your Cost:
Only $67

Learn to Fuel Your Body Confidently, So that Race Day Is Easier than Your Training Days

"Without exaggeration, getting my fueling calibrated with Cristina’s help made a tremendous difference.  I accomplished my 70.3 PR and finished the Patagonman XTRI without a moment of discomfort (discomfort being a relative term for triathletes). If you think you know what you doing with your nutrition, think twice"

Petar K
70.3 IM™ and Adventure IM™ athlete

Hi there! In case we haven't met, I'm Cristina. An exercise physiologist, coach, sports nutritionist, endurance athlete, wife and mom to two little boys.

I'm the founder of Fueled Coaching and Nutrition. My passion is helping athletes achieve their goals through science based nutrition and training. One of my favorite things is watching athletes take their racing to the next level with sports nutrition. 

The Endurance Race Fueling Blueprint was created to help athletes to feel confident in their nutrition in training, so that come race day, all you have to do is race. No wondering how to fuel, what you should take in, how to adjust your plan in certain conditions, etc. This program will provide it all.  

I've been an endurance athlete for the past 15+ years. Much longer if you count starting to swim around age 8. I knew from a young age that endurance sports and sports nutrition were something I was passionate about. I completed my first Ironman at age 25 and have been hooked on running and multisport since.  I hold an undergraduate and graduate degree in exercise physiology and nutrition, a post graduate diploma from the International Olympic Committee and from the International Society of Sports Nutrition (CISSN). I am also a triathlon and running coach, with certifications from Stacy Sims: Women are Not Small Men and Menopause courses.

I'm excited to help you reach your goals. Whether that's running your first marathon, or running a BQ. Whether it's training for your first Ironman, or you 3rd, but looking for your 1st without GI distress. I'll be with you as you cross that finish line cheering you all the way down the finishing shoot!

Break free from fatigue, GI distress and heartache when your race doesn't go as planned.  Stop guessing how much you should be fueling and learn the science based way to cross that finish line triumphantly. 

This program was designed for a specific type of athlete
If you fit these categories, The Endurance Race Fueling Blueprint is for you!

Endurance Athletes That Want to Race Well

If you want to have an awesome race (and who doesn't!), this program will provide the steps you need to do that.

Those racing their first 70.3 or 140.6 Ironman™ or marathon

If going up to the marathon or Ironman™ distance is a bit intimidating, you'll be ahead of the game with this step by step plan.

You're unsure of what sports nutrition to use  

Maybe you've been racing a while, but still haven't dialed in your sports nutrition. Now is the time with this easy to follow program.

You'd like to Boston or Kona Qualify

You know the key to a successful race is not only the training, but in the nutrition. Let's get that BQ and KQ this season!

You work best with plans

Most endurance athlete do well following a plan. If that's you, this program will walk you through exactly what to do over the next 12 weeks.

You'd like the advice of a sports nutritionist at a fraction of the cost of 1:1

Working 1:1 is awesome. But it's not for everyone. This program enables you to have the exact steps that I use with my 1:1 athletes at a fraction of the cost. And if you'd like more personal help, there is our monthly membership or consultations available.

Who is the Program Not Designed For?

It's ok, this program isn't designed for everyone. 

  • Short course runners and triathletes. While a lot of the sports nutrition information in the program can cross over, this program is specifically designed for long distance athletes. Think marathon and ultra runners, half Ironman™, Ironman™ and longer.
  • Those that already feel confident in their nutrition and don't feel they have anything else to add to their performance.
  • Those who are following a ketogenic diet or lifestyle. 
  • Those with medical conditions that should be consulting a physician or registered dietitian for 1:1 work.


Everything within the program is delivered digitally. As soon as you buy the program you'll be sent an email with log in instructions. From there you will have access to the entire program. You will also have access to our private Facebook group Train and Fuel. 

This program isn't entirely plant based, however many of the recipes and sports nutrition products are plant based/vegan. You will not have any trouble fueling your everyday nutrition and race day nutrition via plants. In addition, for the bonus recipes, 36 of the 57 recipes are plant based. 

Every week in our free Facebook group: Train and Fuel, Cristina is answering questions. Currently she goes live 1x week to answer your questions. If you'd like to have your questions answered via Cristina on any day, and support/motivation from our athletes, please join Team Fueled Racing. This will provide you access through our community forum and direct access to Cristina.  If you need additional help, Cristina is always available for 1:1 help. 

As an exercise physiologist, I have created the program using cutting edge formulas, and the best methods in science based nutrition. Nutrition isn't an exact science, so we can't guarantee that they are 100% accurate. But after helping countless numbers of athletes with their race fueling, I am confident in this program. If you work the program, you will be ready for race day. If you need more individual help, you can ask in our Facebook group, Join Team Fueled Racing, or set up a 1:1 consultation.  

Ideally, you will have 12 weeks to work the plan. This will ensure that you have ample time to do your race simulations, test out different nutrition products, dinner, breakfast, etc. If you don't, it's still doable. I have had athletes find good success with just a few weeks of work. So just because you might be close, doesn't mean you won't find this helpful. And for those athletes with short time frames, I would recommend joining Team Fueled Racing to have access to 1:1 help. This will accelerate the process. 

This isn't a diet program and isn't meant to be used to for fat loss. If your goal is fat loss, that is best done out of season when you aren't building towards a marathon or Ironman™.  This program will show you how to fuel your training and race day for maximum energy and recovery post training so come race day, your plan is ready to go and you'll smash your goals. After your season, I do have several nutrition programs that will help you lose body fat. I just don't recommend it in the build towards your A race. 

We offer a 7 day return policy. We want you to feel 100% satisfied with your purchase and see the results that you're looking for. After looking through the program, if you find it's not for you, you may reach out for a refund. 

Alright my friend, it's your time. If you're finally ready to achieve the goals you've been training for, if you want the step by step nutrition program that will carry you confidently across the finish line, then The Endurance Race Fueling Blueprint is for you.

Simply follow the roadmap and you'll get results. Easy as that.

I can't wait for you to join us.

Coach Cristina

 "While training for Ironman™ Coeur d’Alene, I found my nutrition was lacking. Cristina helped me gain confidence in my nutrition plan through personal discussions in Team Fueled Racing, a four-week personalized meal plan and the team Facebook page. Cristina helped me dial in a race day plan and answered my panicked questions with last minute changes when heat became a factor!

Tanya Avery
Ironman™ Triathlete

The Endurance Race Fueling Blueprint

  • Endurance Race Fueling Blueprint
  • 4 Video Modules
  • 4 Endurance Fueling Calculators
  • 7 Race Fueling Ebook Guides
  • 2 Carbo loading meal plans
  • Race Simulation Prep work, 3 Race Day Simulation Fillable Sheets and Post Race Simulation Assessments
  • Plus Bonuses: 1 month discounted membership in Team Fueled Racing, 57 (36 recipes are plant based) recipes to fuel your training and the Endurance Athlete's Guide to Grocery Shopping
  • And the confidence to know you're going to be fueled and confident on race day. Instead of a potential DNF, you'll be racing down that finish line hearing your name being called out!
All for only $67

Top finish line photo of Pro Triathlete Jennie Hansen winning Ironman™ Lake Placid taken by: Charlie Abrahams of Charlie Abrahams Photography,