Postseason can propel you forward, or cause you to feel like you're starting the new season from scratch.

Let's propel you into the new year!

8 Weeks to Focus on What You Need to Make 2023 The Best Triathlon and Run Season Yet.

There will be 3 main areas of focus in this program. 


Choose a training program with a single sport focus, or a full training program: Swim, bike, run, triathlon or strength


8 weeks of meal plans and recipe guides to keep you on track through the holidays. 


Weekly calls and challenges to keep your training up and your nutrition dialed in through a challenging time of the season.

If you're tired of feeling like this:

  • Disappointed that all of the work you put into last season hasn't carried into the new year. 
  • Frustrated that you're starting behind the curve in the new season. 
  • Sluggish due to overindulging in holiday foods.
  •  Stressed trying to figure out how to maintain your fitness when juggling work, family commitments and the holidays. 
  • Non-motivated due to not having a support team around you to keep you accountable. 

It's time to get OutFront in 2023!

So what's included with the 8-Week Post Season Program?

Everything that you need to ensure your nutrition and training is top notch going into 2023. We'll ensure you not only survive the holidays, you'll thrive. 

An 8 week training program delivered through Training Peaks.

Choose from triathlon, or single sport specific-running, cycling, swimming or strength.

8 weeks of meals and recipes to keep you fueled properly and feeling good.

Both plant based and omnivore available. 

Weekly educational workshops or calls for accountability

We'll have a team call each week to keep you accountable.

Weekly online team workouts to motivate you

Online team rides.

A different focus each week that will help propel your fitness and nutrition into the new year. 

Nutrition and training challenges to keep you motivated. 

Team accountability and friendship through our private Facebook community

Keep up your training and fueling throughout the post season with help from fellow athletes and friends. 

All at a low cost!

Just $95 for 8 weeks of training and nutrition, + workshops and accountability.

Who are your coaches for this program?

Brett Caldwell

Triathlon & Run Coach, Tech Wizard

Brett has been competing in triathlon and running races for over 20 years. He began his endurance journey after joining the Army. And ever since, has found his love in both competing and coaching/encouraging athletes to reach their potential.

Brett is a geologist by schooling, but has completed the USAT Level 1 triathlon coaching certification, in addition to being TRX certified, and currently in progress with his Ironman U certification.

He also loves to assist and encourage fellow veterans through Team RWB. 

Cristina Caldwell, MS

Triathlon & Run Coach, Sports Nutritionist

Cristina began her endurance journey after finishing up her career as a Division 1 swimmer. She graduated from Miami University with a  BS in exercise physiology and nutrition. She then went on to complete a Master's degree in exercise physiology and sports nutrition. She continued with a 2 year post graduate diploma from the International Olympic Committee.

Cristina has been competing in triathlon and running races for over 20 years. She has a passion for helping athletes stay injury free through proper fueling and strength training. She and Brett share two children, Grant and Lochlan, and two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Lepp and Murphy.


No problem. If you're looking for nutrition accountability and want to keep following your coaches training, this is totally fine. The weekly challenges and nutrition help will certainly benefit you. 

You'll have access to many different recipes that you can still eat and use to fuel. Most of the recipes will be gluten or dairy allergy friendly. 

Not a problem at all. They aren't mandatory and are just there to help encourage you. You can still find team camaraderie and accountability through the group.

We have programs for beginners through advanced athletes. So no matter where you are starting, you will have a program that is fit for you.

The program runs officially November 6th through January 1st. 

It's time to get OutFront!

Whether that's getting outfront of your competition going into 2023, or getting yourself outfront of your fitness, this is for you.

Join us for 8 weeks of training and nutrition. From team workouts, team calls and challenges. You'll stay motivated and finally enter the season ahead of the game!

8-Week Program


One-time fee, USD

  • 8-week training programs: triathlon, running, cycling, swimming and strength
  • Weekly calls
  • Weekly team training
  • Nutrition support, meal plans and more