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It’s time to train and fuel smarter. Let's smash those racing goals!

Team Fueled Racing Membership

A team for endurance athletes that want to train, fuel and recover smarter. Science based, without the guesswork.

You’re here to train and fuel smarter so you can smash your goals.  The only problem is you’re not sure how to go about it...

 If you are like most endurance athletes I talk to, chances are you are:

  • Training without a science based plan
  • Not sure what to  do, so you just fit in workouts where you can.
  • Fatigued from under-fueling
  • Getting GI distress while training or racing
  • Seemingly always getting injured

And if you’re being really honest you have no idea how to plan next season!

I totally get it, I see so many athletes focusing on training but they are missing the key elements of nutrition and recovery.

 The truth is until you focus on a complete training, fueling and recovery plan you’re not going to hit your goals.

It’s not that you are not training hard enough.

It’s just that you don't know how to combine your training with your nutrition and recovery

Do you want to know the secret to training, fueling and recovering so that you can smash your goals this season?

I can't say more about Cristina and Team Fueled Racing. She opened my eyes to triathlon training and nutrition. I was more confident going into my second Ironman thanks to Cristina. I believe everyone should have someone by your side to help you guide to the finish line. If anyone is debating getting help for a training I would truly recommend Team Fueled Racing!

Angelie L
Ironman Triathlete

Here's the truth.  As a coach working with endurance athletes for the last 12 years, I can tell you that athletes who do not nail their training, recovery and nutrition are the ones I see not having the race they expected, having to suffer through the end of a race , having GI Distress or worse, not finishing.  

Together, your nutrition, training and recovery work in tandem to build resilience, fuel training, and prevent injury. This allows you to have the best race possible and finish strong. That’s why I created... 

A membership for endurance athletes that want to train, fuel and recover smarter. Science based, without the guesswork.

Team Fueled Racing was created for busy working adults that want to stop the frustration and overwhelm, provide science based nutrition and training, all in one online team atmosphere. Achieving your goals will be easier than ever! 

Team Fueled Racing is a membership that gives you my complete system to becoming the strong athlete and smashing your racing goals  This is the exact system I use with my one to one athletes. 

What Are The 7 Pillars of the Team?
These pillars make up the Endurance Success Roadmap. We'll use these 7 pillars to make you stronger, fitter and faster.

Assessment, Mindset, and Goal Setting

Understand where you are and how to achieve the goals you want to set

Injury Prevention

How to develop a stronger, more resilient body so that you can have a complete season without having to stop

Periodized training

How to plan your training so you can get fitter, faster and stronger without injury. We have over 30 triathlon, run and swim training plans from beginner through advanced. 

Everyday Nutrition

Feel better and healthier from fueling your body every day with the right nutrition

Race Fueling

How to fuel your race without GI distress and smash your goals

Racing and Assessment

How to execute the race and use it to make the next on better

Working Your Limiters

Maintain your level of fitness and work on your limiters so that you get stronger each season

A Sneak Peak Video Into The Membership

Team Fueled Racing Membership Benefits:

Training Plans (optional)

Our training plans are science based and periodized to make your season your best yet. 

We have over 30 training plans designed for long distance endurance triathletes and runners. Many of the plans are designed for master's athletes, which can also be used for those more injury prone. 

Triathlon plans:
Sprint, Olympic, Half Iron Distance, Full Iron Distance

Run plans:
5k, 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon, 50k, 50 Miler

Other Plans:
Cycling specific, Swim specific training and Water Running for Injured Runners

If you'd like to see which plans you'll have access to in the membership (remember you can choose any you'd like), here is the link.

Yearly Value: $2000+

bi-Weekly Live Webinars

Instead of getting your master's degree, or reading every book or website on endurance racing and nutrition, all you need is to watch or participate in our live monthly webinars. If you can't make it live, no problem. They are recorded and found within our membership.

These are education, science-based webinars given each month that focus on periodized nutrition and training. Topics will be relevant to the time of the season (the period).

Sample nutrition topics include: Out of season nutrition, fat loss, nutrition for immunity, hydration and race day fueling, nutrition and the menstrual cycle, peri-post menopause nutrition, and more.

Sample training topics include: Run form, swimming technique, mobility and strength, injury prevention, recovery techniques, mindset and visualization, and more.   

Yearly Value: $600 

Monthly Meal Plans

Meal plans are a hot topic in sports nutrition. What should I eat, how much should I eat? There is no one size fits all meal plan. What our membership provides is are meal plans that provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, that you can customize to fit your specific needs.

Each month new recipes will be added to our recipe database for you to pull from. There will be every day recipes that you can make for your family, in addition to training and recovery specific meal plans for yourself. Recipes will be both omnivore and plant based.

Yearly Value: $550

Monthly Q&A Sessions

If you're an athlete that would love to access direct access to a coach and sports nutritionist, this is your chance. If you're always googling or asking for help in a Facebook group, and not sure who is giving you the correct answer, these sessions are for you.

These sessions occur 2x month and will allow you to ask any question on your training or nutrition, and get a science based, and knowledgeable answer. Since nutrition and training is so personal and individualized, you will have the opportunity to try out a new nutrition or training strategy, and report back with further questions. Help and guidance is always available.

Yearly Value: $600 

Fueled Endurance Academy Courses

Do you want access to every program and course we create? From a blueprint for metabolic health and fat loss, to strength programs and nutrition meal plans. As a member of our team, you will have access to each of our products sold individually in our Academy.

Your membership cost is nearly covered each month, just by receiving free access to our courses.

Each month you will receive access to another course or program. You will have access to these programs as long as you're a member of our team.

Yearly Value: $200, with an increasing value as we add courses

Library of Strength Programs, Core Programs and Nutrition Guides

Strength training, core strength and mobility are areas that athletes tend to overlook or skip if time is short. We provide strength and core workouts that are designed to provide the best training, in a short time frame. You can access these programs at any time.

The library also houses nutrition and training ebooks and guides to help you achieve your goals. The library has been compiled with information created over the past 10 years of coaching and teaching.

Yearly Value: $300 

Access to Private Facebook Group/Membership Community

Our private community offers a chance to ask questions, celebrate your wins and support your other team mates.

We have both a private Facebook group and a private community off of Facebook.

Our team is a highlight of the membership. We have athletes all over the United States and the world. They will cheer you on and help you achieve those goals you have!

Yearly Value: Priceless

Everything You Need To Reach Your Goals and Give You the Confidence to have a Breakthrough Season!

Are you ready to be a stronger, faster, and injury free athlete that smashes their goals!?

The full yearly value of Team Fueled Racing is over $3000!

Our team has 2 different membership options, depending on your goals:

Option #1: Nutrition Only: $47/month or $470/year (2 months free)

Option #2: Nutrition + Training Plans: $67/month or $670 (2 months free)

1:1 coaching costs between $200-400/month. By choosing to join our team membership, you're receiving 85-90% off of the 1:1 price. Nutrition and training education, camaraderie, accountability, support, recipes, training, customized help, and more. All for just over $1.50/day. 

Wondering if you are a good match for Team Fueled Racing? Here’s who this was designed for:

Team Fueled Racing was specifically created for long distance athletes who are looking to…  
-race longer, faster and stronger
-fuel confidently
-have less injuries
-have the season they want

-be apart of an online team environment that supports and motivates you!

Hi, I'm Coach Cristina

I'm the founder of Fueled Coaching and Nutrition. I'm an exercise physiologist and a sports nutritionist that is passionate about helping endurance athletes achieve their goals through science based nutrition and training. I want you to feel your healthiest, train and race injury free, and perform at your best through the right training and sports nutrition. 

Family is the most important thing to me, so understanding how most adults need to balance their work and home life, with their training is front and center with our team. The team was created to offer everything you need in one place, to maximize your time with your family.

I hold both an undergraduate degree and master's degree in exercise physiology and sports nutrition. I also carry a post graduate diploma from the International Olympic Committee in sports nutrition, and I'm a certified triathlon and running coach. To provide women the best guidance possible, I am also a graduate of Stacy Sim's Women Are Not Small Men Course and Menopause for Athletes.

As you can tell, I love to learn and stay up on the latest nutrition and training information to help you achieve your goals. Too often I hear misinformation on nutrition, or training. I hear why you want to fuel or train a certain way, but not how to implement it. I created this membership to be a practical roadmap for nutrition and athletic success. No more "just do it this way." I'll explain the why, but also the how. The piece that's most missing today. You'll receive a step-by-step roadmap to achieve your nutrition and training goals. All within a community of like minded athletes who will cheer you along the way.

 "Even though I felt experienced as a runner Cristina helped me PR in my half and then break that PR two weeks later, knocking 15 minutes off three different course records as well. My previous PRs were four years old, and I had accepted getting slower as a part of aging, so it’s nice to know that I can still improve. Cristina is very positive, a good listener and also very organized. I recommend her fully to any athlete." 

Anne Mary O
Runner and Triathlete

Signing up with  Cristina was a bit of a leap of faith for me.  My first coach didn’t understand me, didn’t get how to coach me, and I didn’t know how to tell him it wasn’t working.  I killed myself trying to run his cookie cutter training plan that probably worked just fine for other runners, but not for me.  
So thank you!  Thank you for being a great coach, a great friend, and for believing in me.  I no longer see myself as “just a mom that likes to run” but as an athlete that still has a lot of gains left to make.  I couldn’t ask for a better partner to get me there!

Amy C

Cristina is an awesome coach! She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of triathlon and sports nutrition. I recommend her to anybody looking to improve their swim, bike, or run speed and endurance! Especially if you’re addicted to hearing, “YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!”.

Mark M


We have two membership options. Nutrition and Nutrition + Training. The nutrition membership is for athletes that already have a coach or a training plan. The nutrition + training membership is designed for athletes that want to have all of the benefits of the nutrition membership, plus have access to our wide variety of training plans. You'll have access to any of our 30+ plans. Finish one, and start another. 

Yes and no. We will keep our membership open, though to maximize your experience through the Endurance Success Roadmap, joining before your race season is in full swing is ideal. If you happen to join mid season, you will have access to all the previous modules and information that you have missed.

We welcome all athletes and athletes of all abilities. Our focus is on long distance athletes who want to train for marathons, half marathons, ironman and half ironman. But we welcome those that want to race shorter, or longer events. Most of our athletes will not be true beginners (those learning how to swim or learning to ride a bike). If you’ve done sprint tris and want to complete an Ironman, this is for you. If you’ve done 5ks and you would like to run a marathon, this is for you. You’re a 5x IM athlete that wants to get faster, yes, this is for you. You’ve run marathons but a BQ has eluded you, yes, this is for you.

Yes, you will find great value in what the membership has to offer. If you do not want to use a training plan, that is fine. You'll purchase the nutrition only membership. You will get loads of value through the educational webinars, the nutrition focus on every day nutrition, training and race day nutrition, the injury prevention courses and the team camaraderie.

Nope, there is no requirement to wear a team kit. You are welcome to wear any kit while you race. We do have a pretty cool kit if we do say so ourselves.

Our membership has a private online community that is accessible to all athletes. All videos, courses, recipes and PDFs will be housed on the membership site. In addition to the membership area, we’ll use a private Facebook group and Zoom. Training plans will be delivered via Training Peaks.

Achieving your ideal race weight, without starvation or deprivation
Calculating your hydration needs
Calculating your race fueling needs and determining which fuel is best for you
Racing in the heat
Nutrition for recovery Women’s specific nutrition
Mindset and confidence
And many more. There will be 24 nutrition and training topics each year

Yes it is. All the sessions will be recorded and then uploaded for easy access for you to watch for the first time or to return to time and time again. 

We offer a 7 day refund.  If you have been a member and life circumstances change, or you need to end your membership, you may cancel with just a few clicks from within the membership. 

  • You may cancel and rejoin at any time. When you rejoin you will be charged at the current membership rate.

Join Team Fueled Racing now. Get fitter, faster and stronger without the injuries or wasted training! 

Expert training and nutrition coaching without the hefty price tag. 

Plus, a cheer squad of people just like you, who will celebrate your successes and help you work through your challenges